USAH Portal Registry FAQ’s

What is the USAH Portal Registry?

The USAH Portal Registry is the web-based registration program launched for the 2014-15 season that allows the local program to claim their members to the database, monitor enrollment, create teams and rosters for their program. The new web based program allows access from any device: pc, Mac, tablet, phone etc. It is a very versatile program that has more capabilities and offers much more flexibility to everyone. It addresses the uniqueness of every district in USAH while at the same time maintaining cohesiveness of the governing body.

Is the USAH Portal Registry the same as the Cyber Sport Software?

The Registry is similar to the functionality of the Cyber Sport Software but is unique since it is a dynamic web-based program and does not need to be installed on a local computer to run.  

Is my program’s data safe?

USAH takes every precaution to keep the data safe. Security of our member’s data continues to be a top priority, with the data protected by state-of-the-art technology and strong security firewall to block and prevent unwanted access from outside sources other than the portal registry. 


Should individual members, coaches, volunteers and managers still register online with USAH if the USAH Registry is already online?

Yes, online membership registration continues for individual players, coaches, managers and volunteers. The portal does not allow for online membership registration. Direct your participants to register directly with USA Hockey through an Internet connection at  under the membership tab. During membership registration, the USA Hockey Waiver is completed, and USA Hockey and Affiliate fees (if applicable) are paid online with a credit card. A confirmation email is sent to the member immediately after an online registration. The member can print out the confirmation receipt to take to the local program or email it the club registrar to complete the registration process.


Remember that registering as a volunteer is free of charge but does not allow for on-ice participation.

When will the program be available for the 17 – 18 season?

The program will be available in early July. The application for the new season was added to the login of the registry on March 18, 2017. If the club registrar is returning they selected the “returning” choice and no other information was needed. If the club registrar is leaving and a new person is taking over, the contact information was requested.  The incoming registrar will be sent the information.  Registrars that do not receive the program by the end of July should contact their USAH registrar for their area or a member services representative at USAH.

Since online membership registration begins on April 1st, why can’t the registry be ready for the upcoming season at that time?

USAH understands that some areas of the country conduct tryouts early in the spring and want to start the process for the upcoming season, however the current season ends on August 31st and there are many areas that have spring/summer and adult hockey.  It is too early to have the program archive the previous season’s data and go live for the upcoming season when there is almost 4 months of hockey left in the season.

Will I be able in import a data file with confirmation #’s and what format is acceptable?

The USAH registry has a dynamic feature located under the registration menu item to copy or import confirmation numbers into the program. Data can be imported into the program by either copying or importing a data file. It only requires a minimum of two columns of data: one with the confirmation # and the other with the member type (C, P, V, M).  The file may contain more columns of data. If it does you will be required to define the column data and/or ignore the columns data.

Can more than one person have a user account in the registry?

To protect the integrity of the data, access is restricted to the club registrar and those approved.

How are rosters handled in the USAH Portal Registry?

After the participants are claimed to the program a team roster can be generated. Team rosters are created in the registry by completing the required fields: Team name, season type, team type, classification, category, division and if the team is National Tournament Bound (TB) or not. Players and staff are assigned and the roster is submitted online through the registry to the USAH registrar for your area. Once approved an email with a link to the roster is sent to the club registrar. This link allows for accessibility by all team officials.

Can I make changes to the roster once it is approved? 

Yes, changes can be made to the original roster throughout the season. When changes are made after the original roster has been approved the roster is considered “supplemented”.  The registry maintains the history of the roster from creation to finalization. Every time a roster is changed/modified (supplemented) it needs to be re-submitted to the USAH Registrar for approval.  It is not necessary to create a brand new roster for every change, you only need to modify the original roster and re-submit.

Do I have to designate goaltenders  on the roster?

Yes, in the NY District all goaltenders must be designated on the roster.

How do I designate a goaltender on the roster?

To designate a goaltender on the roster, create the team, add the players. Click the “Pencil” to the right of the player’s name.  A pop up box will then allow you to define the position and the jersey #.


How do I create a summer team

Spring/Summer teams are created following the same process as a regular season team with the exception that the season type would be Spring/Summer. You would then select the team type (Girls, Youth, Adult, Women or Disabled), followed by the classification, category and division.

I like the reports in the old Cyber Sport Software, are the reports the same in the registry?

There are many reports available in the USAH Registry, including those in the previous software and a custom report module where the user can customize and define the criteria to create a report.

Can I create a coaching report for the club’s ACE coaching director?

The USAH Registry has a report available for the Coaching Education Program. Keep in mind a registrar can customize a report and select the fields they want in the report.

Can I email my members from the registry?

Members can be emailed by team or individually by clicking the “envelope” symbol in either the personnel or individual team screen.

Can I look up a member’s confirmation # and how is that done in the registry?

In the registration tab, select “Member Lookup”. The lookup feature works the same and you will need the player’s first and last names, date of birth and state.

Can I look up members in my program?

Yes, members can be looked up using the search feature in the personnel menu tab. Multiple items may searched at once by typing the criteria in the search box.

Does the registry have the documents required for all the tournament bound teams in my program: i.e. the credentials verification sheet?

Yes, the registry has the Code of Conduct, Consent to Treat, the Credential Verification Sheet. The club registrar should provide these items to the TB team. In addition, if the team qualifies for a District/State tournament and/or National Tournament the club registrar must also provide the team history to include in the credential book prior to a credential review to determine team eligibility.