The Registration Process


  1. Register with USAH online and pay the required fees: $40 USAH and $8 NY state fee = $48 total
  2. Online registration is available from April 1 of the current season 
  1. The USAH Waiver is completed during this process; a paper waiver is not necessary for all those taht registered online
  2. A confirmation email is sent to the member immediately after the online registration is complete. The member can print the confirmation receipt to give to the local program or email the confirmation number to the club registrar. To completthe registration process the participant MUST be claimed by the local program.  
  3. The participant should complete a paper copy of the participants code of conduct and the consent to treat form (parents or legal guardian if the participant is under 18 years of age)
  4. Registration confirmation

    To confirm your USA Hockey online registration or to look up your membership number, please visit the following link:

    And then click on the link to the left "Request Duplicate Registration Confirmation"


  1. The club registrar collects the confirmation #'s from each participant/team/coach/manager and volunteer 
  2. Once the #'s are collected the club registrar claims each participant into the USAH Portal Registry
  3. After the claiming process, participants can be placed on teams and rosters can be created in the USAH Registry tool
  4. Players, coaches and a manager are then selected and assigned to team
  5. When the roster is created with the participants it must be submitted for approval: In NY players that are 8 and under and all players on tournament bound teams must have their Date of Birth verified and citizenship verified prior to roster approval. Participants not verified will be "redlined" (crossed off) the roster by the USAH registrar and are not eligible to participate until  the verificaiton is complete. 

USAH Registrar:

  1. After the club registrar submits the roster the USAH registrar will review the roster, ensure compliance with the requirements and approve the roster. After the roster is approved the club registrar will receive an email with a link to the approved roster. This link can be sent to the manager/team for their record. 
  2. Should the roster not meet the proper requirements the USAH registrar has the option to redline participants and coaches. When a participant is redlined, a note or reason why is usually listed. Redline means that a participant is not eligible to participate with that team. It is advised that the club registrar check the approved rosters and call the USAH registrar if anyone has been redlined.
  3. All participants, coaches and managers must be registered with USAH. Players not listed on the roster or not registered with USAH may not participate.
  4. Clubs with Non-US citizens need to contact District Registrar Tom Branden to determine eligibility prior to participation.