E-Book Submittal of Credentials Book

Visit: www.Nyregistrar.com

Submitting a credential book electronically requires a good scanner, patience and good organization. There are distinct advantages to submitting the book electronically including no travel to meet with the district representative to review, no need to mail the book via USPS and the review goes much faster for the person conducting the credential review.  Please keep in mind that while an electronic version of your credential book exist the team must still have the binder with them at all times during the NY State district championships and the National tournament should the team advance that far. To determine the necessary information required in the book consult the nyregistrar.com website under credential book compilation.


The credential book should be scanned in sections just as the credential book is put together in the binder. When scanning save each file as a PDF. However, do not save each sheet individually {unless they are scoresheets}; only save the complete section all in one file. Individual files create unnecessary extra work for the person conducting the review.

Part I would be rosters, CVS and team history. You can send the link to the roster and the PDF files sent to you by your registrar if preferred.

Part II is Coaching and staff information including the required paperwork for the team manager.

Part III is the section for Non-US Citizens {leave blank if the team has none}

Part IV is the Consent to Treat in alphabetical order by players last name

Part V is the Code of Conduct in alphabetical order by players last name

Part VI is the scoresheets section – scanning scoresheets can be tricky if your scanner does not scan legal size documents. If this is the case then scan the home side first then the visiting side second.  Save each game scoresheet individually if scanning half a sheet at a time. If your scanner allows you to scan a legal - larger sized document, multiple scoresheets can be scanned and included in the same file.

Sending or publishing:

Now that the sections of your credential book are scanned, review each file to ensure that it has the complete documentation necessary and required for each section and every page is readable and clear.

Now you are ready to send the book. The e-book credential can be emailed with attachments, put on a file storage site and the link sent to the credential reviewer. Either way you will need to give access to the file(s).  Some files are too large to send via email and must be broken up in multiple emails.

Once received by the credential designee, they will review and communicate if the book was approved or if additional items are required.


Credentials books for all teams qualifying for the NY District Tournaments must be reviewed by their section representative prior to attending the state tournament. Each section will have a designee. To determine who that is in your section contact the section president.   

Credentials books for all teams that qualify for the USA Hockey National Tournament must be sent to USAH District Registrar Tom Branden This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and/or Janice Cavaretta This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. immediately following the State Tournament for review and approval.