(1) Classifications

• Adult Sled (Sledge) (19 & Over)

• Youth Sled (Sledge) (18 & Under)*

• Special (all ages)

• Amputee/Standing (all ages)

• Deaf/Hard of Hearing (all ages)

• Blind/Visually Impaired (all ages)

• Warrior Hockey (veterans with a disability playing upright)

*Sled (Sledge) players over the age of 18 may be allowed to play on a youth sled (sledge) team if their skill level and age prevent them from playing in the adult sled (sledge) division upon approved waiver.

**In any Disabled Hockey classification, the local program, league, Affiliate or USA Hockey may require that players 18 and over complete a background screen in accordance with USA Hockey’s SafeSport Program prior to participation. Players may be prohibited from participating in disabled classifications based on a violation of the USA Hockey SafeSport Program policies through a summary suspension where appropriate, or following a hearing in accordance with USA Hockey Bylaw 10.