***Club Registrar's are to contact their USAH Associate Registrar in their section or District Registrar This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. immediately to determine non-citizen eligibility***

Citizenship Eligibility

(a) Only U.S. citizens are eligible to participate in the National Player Development Program.

(b) The classifications in Section C.(1) above are restricted to U.S. citizens, subject to the following exceptions:

 1. Players who are citizens of another country and residing in the U.S. with a parent shall be considered eligible if the parent(s) holds one of the following legal documents: Alien Registration Receipt Card or Permanent Resident Card. The player shall also be considered eligible if the parent(s) hold one of the following non-immigrant temporary visas: A. Government Official; E. Treaty Trader or Investor; G. Representative to International Organization; H. Temporary Worker; I. Foreign Information Media Representative; J. Exchange Alien; L. Intra-Company Transferee; M. Non-Academic Student; O. Aliens of Extraordinary Ability; P. Athletes and Entertainers; Q. Cultural Exchange; R. Religious Workers; and TN. Professional.

2. For players who are citizens of another country and are residing in the U.S. without a parent, the player must hold an Alien Registration Receipt Card or Permanent Resident Card or an F. Academic Student classification visa or J. Exchange Alien visa.

3. However, (1) all girls’ national championship-bound teams are restricted to only two (2) players, and (2) commencing with the 2013-14 season, all youth national championshipbound teams shall be restricted to only four players, in either case who are non-U.S. citizens temporarily residing in the U.S. under any combination of the following immigration visa categories: F. Academic Students; J. Exchange Alien Visa; P. Athletes and Entertainers [excluding their spouses and children under visa category P-4]; Category M. NonAcademic Student and Q. International Cultural Exchange Program participants. This restriction does not apply to non-U.S. citizens temporarily residing in the U.S. under category P-4, referenced above, or other visa categories not referenced above, excluding category B. Temporary Visitor.

(c) Any team with a player on its roster who is a non-U.S. citizen should make immediate contact with its respective district registrar to review credentials and determine the player’s eligibility. All players must provide the following documentation:

1. Release

A release from the player’s home team/association authorizing the player to compete for the USA Hockey member team; and

2. IIHF/Canadian Transfer

A youth written transfer form must be completed for all non-citizen players (male and female) under 18 years of age who register with a USA Hockey member program. An IIHF/Canadian transfer form must be completed for all non-citizen players (male or female) ages 18 and over.

(d) In addition, a person who is a citizen of another country and resides in the United States under political asylum, or a claim therefore, refusing to return to his/her home country for a bona-fide, non-hockey related reason, shall be eligible for competition in the USA Hockey domestic program after he/ she has continuously resided in this country for a period of one (1) year, with one or more of his/her parents, and further, shall have secured the release and IIHF transfer required above. Copies of all forms necessary to complete this transfer shall be provided by the national office to the team, league and council involved.


NOTE: Non-USA citizens will not be allowed participation andor roster placement until completely cleared and transfer process finalized.