High School

Restricted to amateurs who are enrolled as full-time students (grades 9-12),
and under 20 years of age on December 31 of the Playing Season. Eligibility
shall not exceed eight (8) consecutive semesters starting with the player’s
freshman year (9th grade).

For home-schooled students, the term “attend” shall mean that the student
is enrolled at a high school and is designated as carrying sufficient credits to
be considered a full time-student for which credit toward high school
graduation will be granted by the high school upon the student’s completing
and passing the courses. The school which enrolls the student shall be
exclusively responsible to verify the student’s compliance with all of the
eligibility requirements.

Clarification: Those High School students graduating mid-year are no longer
full-time students and, therefore, are not eligible to play High School hockey,
effective on their last day of attending classes full-time as defined by the