The NY District approves over 2200 teams annually. Once a team is approved by the USAH Registrar, a public link will be sent to the club registrar. This link will reamain the same for the team throughout the season. The link can be used to send the roster to anyone outside the portal.

NOTE: Public rosters will only show limited amount of player information on those approved and redlined players and staff. Any player or staff changes that are pending will not be shown on the public roster. 

Number of Players allowed on a Team

A limit of twenty (20) players at any one time may be registered per team except for high school, girls’ high school, college and women’s college who may roster 30 players and may dress 20 players and,
adult and women’s teams who may roster 25 players and may dress 20 players.

Only players and staff approved on the roster are eligible for participation.